2014 Glog Update #6

Posted by filmost on Tue, 05/27/2014 - 23:37

It's been awhile since my last update, but things are moving along decently. I still have quite a bit to plant out, just need to find the space and time to get it done. I have since added to my previous lot some Thai Basil and three Tepin x Lemon Drop crosses. I seriously went overboard this year, need to scale back quite a bit next year.

Thai Basil front and center, Tepin x Lemon Drop center bottom.

This past month I planted out 8x pepper plants, 1x lemon cucumber, 8x tomato plants, and 1x melon plant. Of the peppers, the varieties planted out were an unknown from semillas.de, Rocoto de Seda, PI355812, Giant Mexican Rocoto from pepperlover.com, Jalapeo, Poblano, and Corno di Toro.

The tomatoes I have going this year are Seiho Currant (a blue variety from Japan), Choc. Cherokee, Black Krim, Isis Candy, Ananas Noir, and Anaga Pink (a variety from Ghanna).

Although not the most recent photo, these are my fabric pots for the year. These are 5.5 gallons available on Rakuten from Angyo Greening
My A-frame trellis built from scrap from a near by construction site. The tomatoes are supported by hemp twine.

We have been having some funky weather, mostly wet and windy, but the plants are all holding up well and my toms are actually starting to flower. Hopefully they set fruit soon. My overwintered Jalapeno and de Arbol (not pictured) are also flowering/fruiting, so have that to look forward to later on in the summer. Can't wait!

In other news, the Trinidad Scorpion plants I have growing at the office are doing phenomeally well. They have been sucking up water like crazy so I definitely need to repot them soon. These babies are doing better than the plants I started at home!

I have also been dealing with pests problems for the past couple of weeks. Last weekend I broke down and bought some bug spray and unloaded it on my "everything else" bed. Also picked up some Neem Oil for use going forward. If you happen to be looking for it in Japan, its available off Amazon Japan for about 2000 yen.

Well, hopefully this weekend I can find some time to finish up planting. Then the last thing to worry about is what to do about the plants while we are on vacation stateside for three weeks later in the summer. I did ask one of my students to stop by and water them in return for English versions the manga Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), but I may need to find a back up as well in case they forget. Guess we'll just have to see what happens!