Keep Calm and Grow On

Posted by filmost on Thu, 03/06/2014 - 18:20

One of the hardest things about growing plants from seed is the anxiety you get from the littlest things. Sometimes it makes me feel like a new parent all over again.

Getting some real sun time.

Fridays are my early days home from work, and last Friday (02/28/14) we had some fantastically, warm weather. So I, being the wise man that I am, decided it was the perfect chance to get my seedlings outside for some real sun and for a much needed watering. Big mistake!

Getting a much needed drink.

In my absent mindedness, I ended up leaving the young sprouts out for upwards of 3-4 hours. And to top it off, in my scramble to make use of the available light, I ended up mixing up a full strength fertilizer instead of the 1/4 that I had planned! I watered ALL my plants with this solution, and by the time I realized what I had done the next day, it was already too late. Fortunately only one seedling showed signs of damage, and actually it probably would have been better off had I not taken any corrective action. Have a gander below.

Sometimes intervention can cause more damage than good.

The day after I watered all the plants and left them in the sun, this guy was the only one that had trouble; his leaves had started turning translucent. I assumed it was fertilizer burn and I tried to do a gentle flush. Not satisfied, I decided to repot with fresh coir and in the process ended up doing more damage then good. The larger of the two leaves ended up with holes in them, and a day after that the same leaf started shriveling up, after which I ended up snipping it off all together. He appears to be doing fine now, and I have since assumed it was not fertilizer burn but rather sunburn. Lesson learned: slow down and take things EASY; knee-jerk reactions are never good.

As of today all the plants are doing fantastic; likely even better than they were before which I supopse means that they really needed that food. Even the Jalapeno that just would not grow any leaves finally started doing something. All that said, my best plant by far is definintely the Rocoto de Seda from Hopefully the others will catch up soon and start putting out more growth.

Plants in grow box #1. Look at those tomatoes!
Plants in grow box #2
Finally starting to grow.
Rocoto de Seda